Where to eat for valentine's day in nyc?

A guide to impressive dining rooms to book for the holidays. The view from The Fulton at Pier 17 and its surroundings is so thrilling that it can turn any occasion into a romantic one, and its powers abound on the most important night of love. Enjoy the stunning view of the East River with three courses including selections from the bar for raw products, grilled scuba scallops and roasted whole turbot for two, plus dessert. The elegant dining room of Little Mad, home to one of the most interesting snacks in New York, is imbued with literal and atmospheric warmth thanks to its open kitchen.

Its first fixed price for four courses for Valentine's Day includes caviar and Wagyu meat, as well as whole roasted prawns and a millefeuille. The Caribbean-inspired restaurant This Time Out New York, winner of the Best of the City award, celebrates Valentine's Day on February 13th, followed by its February 14th event with live music and special offers. Their three-course Valentine's Day menu includes options such as heart-shaped flatbread, main courses such as fried salmon and one of four desserts, such as chocolate mousse. Panorama Room opened last year with some of the most exciting new views of New York from the 18th floor of the Graduate Hotel.

The views from inside the bar and from the terrace are as impressive as it seems, and there are still reservations for an à la carte menu, mostly seafood and cocktail-oriented, including oysters, raw bar towers and trout roe nachos. Sensational snapshots are taken from seemingly infinite angles in the restaurant on the 6th floor of the Wythe Hotel, which seats 70 people. Its fixed three-course price offers options such as tuna tartare, salmon tartine and filet mignon with foie gras, black truffle bordelese and French fries. In addition to its extensive list of cocktails, wines and beers, the Blondeau Bar also has a significant number of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.

February 14th is also Dagon's first anniversary, and a five-course dinner will be held for two occasions. The special menu at the pretty place includes oysters baked in salt with merguez, lamb ribs with schung crust and pomegranate ice cream.

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