What is there to do in manhattan on valentine's day?

Let yourself be dazzled by a night of burlesque. Explore the Sex's Superfunland Museum. Book a romantic cabin for Valentine's Day. Dine at one of the most romantic restaurants in New York.

Spend the day in Industry City. Treat yourself to a heart-shaped pizza in Fornino. Enjoy the sunset while you eat fresh oysters at Daintree. Valentine's Day may get a bad rap, but considering how terrible the last two years have been, don't we deserve a day completely dedicated to treating ourselves? And while February 14th may look a little different this year (once again), there are still plenty of safe ways to celebrate the holiday.

Whether you're celebrating with your partner or your best friend (or just to treat yourself), we have some ideas to make the day totally fabulous. Here are 18 great and safe ways to spend Valentine's Day in New York this year. Located in a 19th century textile factory in the heart of Tribeca, Aire Ancient Baths offers a haven of peace away from the chaos of the city. Spend the morning enjoying a full body massage or even a wine bath before relaxing in the Greek and Roman-style thermal baths.

Book a spa day for couples or simply treat yourself to a luxurious day, because after all, Valentine's Day is just an excuse to let yourself be pampered. This Valentine's Day, lovers can embark on Classic Harbor Line's intimate Valentine's Day champagne tasting cruise, a 90-minute ride aboard a 1920s-inspired yacht with a tasting of four glasses of champagne combined with cheeses, fruits, chocolates and other accessories selected by the hotel's wine and cheese expert. For more time on the water, Skyline Cruises' three-hour Valentine's Day dinner and dinner sightseeing cruise offers a buffet-style meal prepared by a chef, open bar, picturesque sightseeing tours, three all-weather decks, three all-weather decks, fully air-conditioned cabins and an all-weather heated rooftop terrace with an enclosed dance floor. What is it not to love? The 13 best espresso martinis to start the night The Cupid's Undie Run is undoubtedly an outrageous way to celebrate Valentine's Day in New York.

The proceeds go to charity, and there's also a dance party included. This could be one of the best things to do for singles in New York on Valentine's Day. It's an opportunity to make new friends and, who knows, you might be hit by Cupid's arrow while you're there. This cable car that connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan is ideal for an exciting and romantic Valentine's Day in New York.

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