What is the most romantic restaurant in new york?

Zouzousnyc · Zou Zou's; 22.Relax with that special someone at New York's most romantic restaurants, including outdoor options Originally opened in 1879, the city's enduring love story with this chops restaurant could infect you and your partner. The waiters wear jackets, the chandeliers catch the dim light and you can't go wrong with a couple of martinis and oysters from the raw bar. The Baked Alaska, filled with chocolate and cherries and finished with a golden meringue, is divided into portions for two people so you don't end the night in a fight over who will lick the spoon. This 1767 garage, once owned by former Vice President Aaron Burr, has been serving romantic dinners since 1973, long before Hamilton debuted on Broadway.

It routinely makes the list of the most romantic restaurants around the world, and for good reason. You can choose the three-course tasting menu with a fixed price or a seven-course tasting menu, with scallops, Wellington veal and chocolate souffle, indoors or in the restaurant's dream garden. Your partner deserves a world-class restaurant with an exaggerated service, luxurious food and a star chef who is in the awning and in the kitchen, in short, a place like Daniel. At The Terrace at Daniel, the restaurant's outdoor dining option, you can dine outside while tasting the fixed-price menu inspired by Provence.

With all the charms of a classic French bistro, Buvette's location on a picturesque stretch of Grove Street adds to the charm of its outdoor dining space. Some nights, you even see a cellist in the corner and it looks like you're being serenaded with your own concert. Buvette is open until midnight, so you can cuddle up with your partner for a date night. Ai Fiori, which translates to “among the flowers” in Italian, serves modern interpretations of French and Italian Riviera cuisine on the second floor of the Langham Hotel, on Fifth Avenue.

With more than 1000 selections on its award-winning wine list, seasonal ingredients and exclusive handmade pasta, the restaurant is sure to impress. For Valentine's Day weekend, enjoy a seven-course tasting menu and, if you want a very special night, improve your reservation and book chocolates or homemade flowers in advance to give them to your partner. If you're looking for a high-end restaurant, Le Bernardin's three Michelin stars speak for themselves, making it one of only seven New York restaurants with such an award. Enjoy a refined approach to seafood with the simple philosophy that “fish is the star of the plate”.

This Valentine's Day, Le Bernardin offers a fixed-price multi-course menu in the living room or a chef's tasting menu in the main dining room. This elevated West Village property, located in a historic and emblematic building, was created as a “love letter to old New York” and there is nothing more romantic than that. Adorned with dark wood and rich modern finishes, the restaurant offers an air of elegance and warmth. With creative versions of raw bar oysters and seafood, handmade pasta, wood-fired meats and seafood, Jack %26 Charlie's No.

The intimate interior configuration of this Italian haute cuisine restaurant on the Upper West Side could well come from a scene from a romantic movie with its dim lighting, an old piano in the corner and a wall full of the best Italian red wines. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy dishes such as spaghetti with Hokkaido sea urchins and whipped butter, noodles, Wagyu steak with black truffles and wild Alpine strawberry tartlet. The best part? Lucciola has hot outdoor bubbles where you can people-watch while you cuddle up in the best blankets made of 100 percent alpaca wool. Located in a historic pre-war basement, under 23rd Street, in Manhattan's Flatiron, this clandestine style room, with subdued lighting, and its seats nearby, are sure to make for an unforgettable evening.

For those who want to further dazzle their partners, the lounge has presented a new menu, the “Thyme Bar Experience”, an elegant five-course appetizer and a winter selection that includes elaborate beverages and delicate snacks, designed to transport guests on a sensory journey and celebrate the art of cocktails and presentation. As soon as you step into Midtown's iconic Solow building, you and your guests will have no choice but to admire the grand winding staircase that opens to a 250-person dining room and a spacious bar area. Formerly Brasserie 8½, the cuisine of this rustic Italian restaurant is inspired by the ingredients and culinary traditions of New York and classic Italy, with an emphasis on table-side presentations. On Valentine's Day, enjoy their usual à la carte menu, or guests can opt for an elevated truffle menu.

We'd do it if we were you. Scandinavian food may not be the first cuisine you can think of for a romantic night out on the town, but this two-Michelin-star restaurant will make you think twice before thinking about that assumption. One if by Land, Two if by Sea has a reputation for being the most romantic restaurant in town and has also been voted the fifth most romantic restaurant in the world, for good reason. The menu, which pays homage to the classic French restaurants that used to dot the New York landscape, is full of delights that are rarely seen in today's dining rooms, such as a luxury terrine and a silky umami veal brain mousse, as well as spectacular dishes such as roasted pheasant for two at night, as well as surprises, such as a cheese cart next to the table and a multi-course dessert that turns any night into an event.

Another place that we cannot ignore when it comes to the best romantic restaurants in New York is The View. From classic Italian to Asian fusion, from cozy indoor restaurants to heated garden spaces, make your date count on the 25 most romantic restaurants in New York. The classic Greek flavors of this Flatiron restaurant will make you and your partner feel as if you have just entered a romantic tavern on the island of Mykonos. The restaurant is located right on Columbus Circle, so after dinner, you can take a romantic walk through the Central Park Reservoir or, if absolutely necessary, propose at Bow Bridge.

Here are restaurants that prove that incredible foods, and a romantic setting, are the best way to reach someone's heart. . .

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