What is the hardest city to find love?

According to The Great Love Debate, Denver was ranked the worst city in the U.S. UU. For people to find a partner. The Great Love Debate is a town hall style tour and podcast that focuses on dating and love.

The reason for such a low rank, Denver daters lack communication, style, confidence and enthusiasm. The survey found that Brownsville, the 16th most populous city in Texas, on the border with Mexico, was the worst city for finding love. Then, they combined that data with the opinions and demographics of the millions of listeners of the Great Love Debate with Brian Howie podcast and created these 10 cities. A new survey from the personal finance website Wallet Hub ranked the best cities in the United States to date based on economy, recreation and dating opportunities.

Simply put, you could find some love in the cities that are currently known as the worst, and change the results. You're traveling the world in search of your soul mate and trying to read the signs in cities from coast to coast. Although these cities may be a dream come true for tourism, dining and new experiences, their rankings in the love department are not as successful. I've lived in cities everywhere and this has to be the worst place I've ever lived and it's completely due to the people.

The welcome signs to these cities could also read in very fine print: Finding aces can be difficult here.

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