Is it harder to date in a small town?

Maybe, but it depends on what you're looking for in a partner. On paper, it can be more difficult since there are fewer potential people to date, but if you truly prioritize community and getting to know someone long before starting a relationship, then it can be easier. It can be difficult to date in a small town, even when you're not an introvert. So for introverted guys, this problem often seems insurmountable.

I stayed in San Marino for two weeks and, although I enjoyed the country, I sometimes felt trapped. Those 30,000 residents and the 100,000 tourists didn't offer much choice, especially when most of them were elderly or on their honeymoon. Even using Tinder wasn't much of a pleasure. Most women between the ages of 18 and 35 will move to a larger city as soon as they have the chance.

Everyone wants more money, better careers and exposure to more and better dating prospects. Your perfect type of woman is one who likes you so much that she is willing to do everything possible for you. In this case, a woman who is willing to take a 1-hour walk (back and forth) just to be with you. These are the women whose company you'll enjoy the most: they'll also do whatever you want in bed.

When it comes to small-town dating, there are some timeless realities. On the one hand, being discreet with a new date isn't always possible. He lived in Madison and is happy with his decision to move. He said, in general, that it's easier to live in places like Mayville, but he admits that it's also harder to date.

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