Is it easier to date in nyc or la?

LA singles date more if you're single and live in Los Angeles, chances are you'll have a better love life than your friends on the East Coast. As the survey found, Angelenos have more dates in a year, have more second dates and have more online dates than New Yorkers. The problem I see in New York, and you find it a lot, is that men love to live a single life, taking home a different girl every night. You can read your partner's expressions and emotions more easily in New York, because not all of them have gotten Botox.

In New York, you can't damage your eyesight by looking at your partner's unnaturally white veneers. Don't get me wrong, men in New York are just as superficial, but in the end, they want the full package, the looks and the brain. After living in New York for the past three years and planning to move to Los Angeles in January, I'm curious to test your theories and will keep you posted on my observations.

Ryan Ritterbush
Ryan Ritterbush

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