Is dating harder in a city?

Due to the increase in options for how to spend your time, first dates in a big city may be more challenging. Having lived in 2 big cities and one small town, the small town had a better dating scene for a few reasons. The first reason is that in big cities people tend to assume that there is always a better option along the way and they are less inclined towards relationships. They're also less likely to meet each other's friends and colleagues, meaning there's less responsibility in the way people treat each other.

It was much easier for me to meet people in the small town, you see people in more than one context and that makes it easier to start a conversation. People were also nicer in the small town and strangers greeted me and started conversations with me. Meeting dates at bars can be time-consuming.

Even speed dating

isn't that fast when you consider travel time.

Online dating allows singles in the city to find love quickly and easily with minimal time. By setting up a personal profile, and using specific search functions, singles can find potential dates in a very short time. Quirky characters are great; you just can't hang out with them, and I say that as someone who visited Austin many times and once tried to make something happen with a Mexican wrestler. Many people go to a date thinking or hoping that this will be their last date or that this is the person they are going to marry.

But what happens when you're looking to settle down with a partner? Is it harder to find potential dates when you're always running around a bustling metropolis. It's so vast and the driving so bad, that it seems pretty accurate when Becky Garcia, a 38-year-old comedian, calls it the worst place in the world to date. The second night, I had made plans for a date at an outdoor dance club in the trendy neighborhood of Wynwood (also known as the site of the first case of Zika in the United States). If this trip had been a blind date, I would have left the bar as soon as I saw the offers from New Bern, having a terrifying night of Tinder.

So I accepted the assignment and decided that I would try Tinder, Bumble, real life picks up anything in search of a good date. While my JetBlue flight was in the air, I had already made an appointment with Adam, a 32-year-old contractor who had just moved to the city from the Midwest. Yes, location matters. You'll meet last night's date at a restaurant in New Bern, and with that guy who said he would call L.

My partner, Adam, not only had a job, he was intelligent, attractive and tall, and led me to the best date I had all year.

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