Is dating easier in a big city?

Dating in a big city may seem more anonymous than in a small town, so be careful because it may be easier for your date to deceive you later. While this doesn't mean it's harder to stand out, it could mean that you're less likely to have a second date in a big city. Having lived in 2 big cities and one small town, the small town had a better dating scene for a few reasons. The first reason is that in big cities people tend to assume that there is always a better option along the way and they are less inclined towards relationships.

They're also less likely to meet each other's friends and colleagues, meaning there's less responsibility in the way people treat each other. It was much easier for me to meet people in the small town, you see people in more than one context and that makes it easier to start a conversation. People were also nicer in the small town and strangers greeted me and started conversations with me. In the big city, I had no problem finding a date.

Of course, if men outnumber women in South Dakota, then you're in luck. It's no wonder that for the best of weeks I've been insisting that I can't seem to get a proper date. The problem is that I didn't go out alone with my small town The boys were biting their way out with the oddity that I had scarcity gossip, it was kind of weird.

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